May 10, 2023

An Honest Conversation with Business Leaders about Remote Work

Is remote work the right approach for your organization and your culture? We interviewed six business leaders during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to get their opinions on the advantages, disadvantages, and considerations of running a remote workforce.

Watch the interview and consider what has changed from the year 2000 to now. Back in 2000, many organizations were forced into enabling a remote work option. Which industries and organizations were prepared for this? Which were not? What thoughts and ideas still remain relevant today? What has changed or is no longer valid?


Derek Bullen – President, S.i.Systems
Paula Maychruk – General Manager of I.T. Projects, Calgary Airport Authority
Raman Chohan – Founder and Principal, Metier.
Rhonda Beers – Senior Recruitment Manager
Sharon Forster (formerly Richardson) – HR Expert, Coach and Advisor, Founder of OnPurpose Inc.
Wilma Slenders, PhD – Founder and Executive Coach, Transcend Management Advisors, Inc.

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