Process Primer Awesomeness Service Guide

Processes are responsible for delivery within your business operations. They should be lean and accompanied by documentation to create ongoing value in your organization.

Process Primer offers three distinct services to support your organization in your documentation and process improvement journey. Select one of the options below for more information.

Documentation Services
Process Improvement and
Advanced Documentation Services
Improvement Training

What our customers are saying about us:

Process Primer Consulting was instrumental in the planning, delivery and transition of
operational processes to support the new Managed Services Agreement between TELUS and the Calgary Airport Authority. The initiative was transformational in nature as the new
Agreement effectively elevated the relationship from a staff augmentation model to a true managed services business partnership.

Kevin Reizevoort
General Manager of IT Operations
Calgary Airport Authority

-Robert Legault, President

Jertyne Interior Services Ltd.

Basic Documentation Services

  • Convert existing formal or informal documents into organized, company-branded styles and formats.
  • Build process maps.
  • Build procedural documentation.
  • Build training content and documentation.
  • Review and/or revise existing documentation for spelling, grammar, and formatting.
  • Electronic delivery of finalized files.

Suitable if (any of the following are true):

  • You have existing, disparate documents in various formats and styles and you need it compiled, proofread, obfuscated and reformatted into a single uniform document.
  • Your existing documentation is in need of updating or reformatting.
  • You need help creating process workflows or process maps.
  • Your subject matter experts understand the content but you need someone else to document and compile it all.

Process Improvement and Advanced Documentation Services

  • Build more advanced documents from scratch – operations manuals, training manuals, handbooks, etc.
  • Comprehensive and expert documentation review (e.g., annual).
  • Develop business or operations policies, standards, processes, and procedures.
  • Develop or improve IT Service Management (ITIL) processes.
  • Develop or improve Lean Six Sigma processes.
  • Develop Data Governance Frameworks.
  • Develop or review Privacy Programs.
  • Develop or review Business Continuity Plans (BCP).
  • Structured and facilitator-led process improvement and documentation sessions.
  • Implement measurable process improvement solutions, including business process automation.

Suitable if (any of the following are true):

  • Your subject matter experts are unable to document the processes on their own.
  • You need a comprehensive review (e.g., annual) of your existing documentation.
  • You need to map out your existing or future-state processes.
  • You have broken processes or gaps in your processes affecting costs, efficiency, quality, or compliance, and you need help.
  • You would prefer a process-expert-guided approach to your process improvement journey.
  • You need help developing or improving business operations, IT operations, or business planning processes.
  • You are looking for near-future process improvement opportunities or the automation of repetitive tasks and removal of redundant tasks.
  • You need operating manuals, training manuals, frameworks and policies, or privacy programs created from scratch.

Process Improvement Training

  • Learn a simplified approach to process improvement (called “Simply Improve” training) based on the Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology.
  • Train various levels of your organization to identify and solve process improvement opportunities.
  • Use common terminology for process improvement activities across departments.
  • Adopt a consistent and proven approach to process improvement within your organization.
  • Enable continuous improvement practices within your organization.
  • Use and reuse proven process improvement tools and templates.

Suitable if (any of the following are true):

  • You would like your team to own and manage process improvement and continuous improvement.
  • You would like consistency in your organization when it comes to process improvement.
  • You would like process improvement activities in your organization to be run like a project.
  • Your organization will be introducing new strategic capabilities, which will require efficient and sustainable processes for support.

Please note that there are many basic process and procedure “do it yourself” options available online. If your team has the time and understanding to use these services, we encourage it!! In some cases, this may be the best and most convenient way to get started!

Our intent is to keep your process journey simple and easy, not to deter you away from process improvement!

If your team does not have the time (or know-how) to do it on their own, or if you would prefer to have an expert guide you through the process, that’s where we can help. Book a 30-minute online consultation session now!

We will get you started on the right foot without having to go through a “trial and error” approach on your own, and you’ll get it done right the first time!

Comprehend. Reimagine. Outperform.

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