The proof is in the process.

Process Primer provides consulting services on process improvements and best practices, guiding organizations to realize their full operational potential. Through careful process review and planning, as well as an understanding of your business or IT goals, we identify opportunities and recommend solutions to prevent efficiency leakage, improve product or service quality, and maximize profits, and we are passionate about helping you and your team to achieve and measure the results.

We specialize in mapping out the state of your current operational processes into formal, organized, and high-quality company-branded documents. As a value provider, we identify and consult you on how to optimize your business processes based on your organization’s goals. Finally, we facilitate a transition from documented processes to operational activity with a focus on ensuring that your team has the tools needed to carry on continuous improvements.

Alwin Kwan
Director of Operations and Your Friendly Neighbourhood Process Consultant

Alwin studied Data Telecommunications and Networking at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (N.A.I.T.), Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Alberta, as well as Business Administration and Management through the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (S.A.I.T.). Alwin also has an extensive background in IT Service Management (ITIL4 Foundations certification) and business process improvement methodology (Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma).

With over 25 years of experience in operations, client care, information technology, leadership, process excellence, and business intelligence reporting, Alwin possesses a rare combination of business management understanding and technical prowess, which allows him to better connect process with business value, and communicate these concepts and ideas with all levels of an organization.

Alwin has led a variety of technical and non-technical teams over the years as well as designed, implemented and supported process automation solutions and projects, using varying types of software and across multiple lines of business. Alwin’s industry experience includes aviation, call centre, customer care, construction, education, information technology, online e-commerce, property management, retail, telecommunications and tourism.

"Building great processes begins with creating good habits."

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